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Springboard To Opportunities offers a new model of resident services and poverty alleviation by developing programs and solutions that center residents and their stories. Everything we do is centered in our radically resident driven model and ensures that residents are involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all programming and services.

Springboard recognizes that there is never just one thing that keeps families in poverty or prevents them from reaching their goals. Instead, the organization takes a holistic approach, working to deeply know and understand the different factors affecting a whole person. We provide support for families as they work to create change and reach their goals on an individual, community, and systems level, while simultaneously elevating their stories and voices to counter the harmful narratives that surround low-income families.

Our ultimate goal is for residents to recognize the power that they already have to disrupt these systems and make change within their own lives, communities, and the various systems that affect their day-to-day lives by providing the tools and supports necessary to enact that change. You can learn more about our work and initiatives through the links below.

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