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The vast majority of our country’s poverty policies and strategies are grounded in false beliefs and assumptions about low-income families – particularly ones headed by Black mothers. These stories have become so pervasive and baked into our social fabric that even families themselves have started to believe them or hold onto them in order to survive. We believe that it is time for families to tell a new story, sharing their real, lived experience that challenges prevailing perceptions and narratives.

Through resident-driven coaching, community-support programs, and cultural experiences, we help residents tell a new story about themselves and their history that recognizes their own self- and community-worth and reclaims their dignity, autonomy, and self-motivation. We equip residents through medial literacy and storytelling trainings that help them confidently share their stories and experiences with local and national audiences. We partner with media outlets, policy agencies, and advocacy organizations to provide platforms for residents to share honestly about their lives and experiences.

Ultimately, our goal is for the lived experiences of residents to begin to shift public understanding and policymaker opinions to shape more equitable and just policy and practice.

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