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Where Hope and Opportunity meet.

At Springboard To Opportunities, we believe we all have a chance at a better future.

We are a nonprofit organization working with residents of affordable housing to help them reach their goals in school, work, and life. Our programs are fundamentally resident-driven; we listen to the needs of the community and create resources that support and empower them as they take steps toward success.

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Magnolia Mother's Trust

In the fall of 2018, Springboard To Opportunities announced The Magnolia Mother’s Trust, an new initiative that provides low-income, African-American mothers in Jackson, Mississippi $1,000 cash on a monthly basis, no strings attached, for 12 months straight.

While there have been several initiatives for a guaranteed income worldwide, The Magnolia Mother's Trust was the first to start this work in the United States and remains the only initiative that specifically targets extremely low-income, Black mothers living in affordable housing in the United States.

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It Takes a Nation Cover


It Takes a Nation

At Springboard To Opportunities, we believe that poverty – especially the persistent and widespread poverty seen in the United States in comparison to other wealthy countries – is the result of policy choices rather than personal decisions or individual moral failings. Over the past several years, we have watched this play out in real-time. The …

MMT Alumni Study - Full Report


The MMT Alumni Report is Here!

It has been an incredible past week here at Springboard To Opportunities. Last week, we hosted our annual Night of Storytelling. Four of our Magnolia Mother’s Trust moms, Shaquille, Yamiracle, Anquoindria, and Sequaya, bravely shared a piece of their story with all of us in the audience. They were beautiful stories of their journeys with …

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