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Springboard’s fellowships offer cohort-based learning, personal development, and opportunities for residents to make connections between public policy and their lived experience, grow their skills in advocacy and community mobilization, and recognize their own power to drive social change. Our fellowship programs help nurture leaders equipped to challenge systemic inequities and advance solutions that promote economic mobility, gender and racial justice, and community well-being.

Education Advocacy Fellowship

The Education Advocacy Fellowship supports parents and guardians as they navigate education systems like Jackson Public Schools, equipping them with the skills to advocate for their children with teachers and administrators and to drive positive changes in education. Fellows learn about the history of education in Mississippi, dive into the state and local policies that govern public school systems, attend board meetings and community events, and host discussions and panels with local school system leaders, policy makers, and other advocates.

Workforce Systems Fellowship

The Workforce Systems Fellowship helps fellows understand the policies and systems that create inequitable workforce systems, while also providing support and mentorship as they create pathways toward their own career goals. Fellows are introduced to the interconnected history of slavery, workforce policies, and welfare supports and the continued sexism and racism undergirding most of our workforce systems. They also are connected with a mentor and community support as they continue to push toward their own goals.

Policy & Systems Change Fellowship

The Policy & Systems Change Fellowship, Springboard’s capstone fellowship, builds a community of support where fellows learn to leverage their own power and expertise, understand the impacts of real-time policy decisions on their daily lives, and continue to strengthen and practice advocacy tools and skills. Fellows have opportunities to connect with local and national policymakers, organizers, and community leaders to learn the ins and outs of policymaking and the importance of sharing their expertise and knowledge as they work together on a community action project to drive policy and systems change.

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