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Evaluation report from 2020 Magnolia Mother's Trust cohort

2020 Evaluation Report


Throughout Springboard’s existence, staff members have sat down with residents to hear directly from low-income families what they need to successfully reach their goals. But through all the conversations, there was always a common theme: families need more cash. A minimum-wage job simply does not provide enough income to support a family, and the system for obtaining supplementary benefits is stressful, dehumanizing, and time-consuming. Our mission at Springboard is to help families reach their goals in life, work, and school, but often our families are so busy trying to survive that they do not have time to set those goals.

In the fall of 2018, Springboard To Opportunities announced The Magnolia Mother’s Trust, a new initiative that provides low-income, Black mothers in Jackson, Mississippi $1,000 cash on a monthly basis, no strings attached, for 12 months straight. While there have been several initiatives for a guaranteed income worldwide, this is the first that specifically targets extremely low-income families headed by a Black female living in affordable housing in the United States.

The initial pilot program consisted of 20 women and ran from December 2018-November 2019. The second cohort of The Magnolia Mother’s Trust began in March 2020 and grew to serve 110 women. This cohort wrapped up in February 2021 and the final evaluation report is available for downloading above.

MMT Info Sheet


The third cohort of 100 mothers began in April 2021. While the structure of the program remains the same, we are now moving beyond “proving” and instead to “moving” – we are building a movement that is centered on dignity and deservedness for all, starting with Black women. We are doubling down on our commitment to center the lives of those we serve, providing opportunities for these women to share their stories.

Elevating the stories of our families is vital to creating inclusive policy and practices that not only honor families’ experiences, but actually have the power to move the needle forward on breaking cycles of poverty and creating a more just and equitable society for all people. This year, we’ve announced the launch of a Springboard Storytelling Lab, helping to support mothers as they develop tools and skills to share their stories with policymakers and community leaders and a collaboration with Ms. Magazine called Front & Center, providing moms with a platform for sharing their stories with a wider audience.

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