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Springboard’s work is rooted in strong, trusting relationships with residents of affordable housing. By actively listening to residents and providing a comprehensive range of services that address both housing stability and emergent basic needs, Springboard staff build relationships with families that lay the foundation for all our work. These trust-based relationships allow residents to safely share their stories, along with their hopes, needs, ambitions, and fears with Springboard staff, which in turn helps us ensure our programs and initiatives are aligned with residents’ voices and continuously evolve as their needs shift.

Through personalized navigation support, Springboard connects residents to essential resources for housing stability, clothing, water, food, and school supplies, ensuring that their fundamental needs are met. Coaching support provides planning assistance, resources, connections, and encouragement as residents work toward their personal and professional goals. Additional community events and committees help foster relationships between residents, building social connections and creating opportunities to work together toward a stronger community for all residents.

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