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Springboard To Opportunities connects families living in affordable housing with resources and programs that help them advance themselves in school, work and life. We do this by working directly with families, as well as by establishing strategic partnerships with other organizations that help residents achieve their goals.

Who We Are

Springboard To Opportunities was formed with the understanding that affordable housing alone is not enough to create thriving communities where all residents can succeed.

Who We Work With

  • Affordable housing residents
  • Real estate developers
  • Property management companies
  • Neighborhood leaders
  • Community stakeholders

We build pathways for adults, children and families to realize their dreams.

Our programs and services are unique because they are resident-driven and resident-focused. No other organization is doing this kind of work, and we believe we can create a new model to cultivate hope and start to break the cycle of generational poverty. The stability of affordable housing meets an essential need for residents, providing the opportunity to shift their focus away from daily obstacles and toward future aspirations.

We ask residents about their hopes and ambitions beyond their current situations. We also ask about the challenges and struggles that stand in the way of their success. As a direct result of these conversations, we have created Springboard To Opportunities’ programs to help residents solve their most pressing problems and make a detailed road map to realize their dreams.

The overall goal of the organization’s “radically resident driven” service delivery model is to increase the self-efficacy of vulnerable families; thereby positioning them to be their best selves in life, school, and work.

2021 Year End Review

2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review


2021 might not have been the year any of us expected it would be. It brought challenges and surprises that shifted how we thought, worked, and engaged with families. While change and transition are never easy, 2021 was also a year of growth and transformation for us as an organization. More than ever, we doubled down on our mission to be radically resident-driven, providing holistic and supportive resident services that help residents meet their goals, while challenging and pushing back on the systems that prevent them from getting there.

We are so proud of the work we have accomplished in this last year, and we are keenly aware that we could not have done this work without our incredible partners who have supported our work financially, shared the stories of our families, or found other ways to walk alongside us in this work. Thank you to all our partners for their ongoing support of Springboard To Opportunities, and we look forward to continuing this journey with in 2022!

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