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Radically Resident Driven

All families are entitled to a future not pre-destined by circumstances.

Springboard’s model is guided by our principle radically resident driven approach. Through this method, we place families living in our communities at the heart of all programs and partnerships. Focusing on what is occurring inside the walls, just not outside. We recognize that to best serve individuals living in poverty, they must be included in the process of planning.

Springboard works to engage residents in participatory planning, transparent dialogue, and resident organizing approaches. Community engagement is key in having residents take ownership over Springboard as well as their communities. When families living in poverty take part in the organizations planning for change as they do with Springboard, they are given ownership of the process as well as are empowered to be advocates in their communities.

Someone To Believe In Us: Housing as a Platform For Economic Mobility from Red Squared Productions on Vimeo.