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Springboard To Opportunities and LitWorld: Empowering Girls (and Moms) in the Community

​Scene: The Village Apartments Community Room, December 18, 2014

Moms, hand-picked from each community, are gathered and chatting. Springboard staff is waiting with anticipation of what is about to be shared. Enter Jennifer Estrada and Yaya Yuan, who take themallon the adventure that is LitWorld.

LitWorld, a nonprofit organization that exists to empower young people around the world to author lives of independence, hope, and joy, has been searching for a Southern United States partner. They have found what they were looking for in Springboard To Opportunities, “local leaders who share [LitWorld’s] core values and [LitWorld’s] belief in grassroots, on-the-ground work that empowers children and families.”

In preparation for this partnership, Yaya and Jennifer, LitWorld staff members, led us in a LitClub training that was both fun and informative while challenging us to stretch ourselves beyond our borders creatively and personally in order to provide our girls with the best possible experiences. By the end of the afternoon, the room was so full of energy from the moms, Springboard staff, and trainers that we left with smiles and hugs but most importantly, loaded with information and enthusiasm for the days ahead.

We are excited to announce that all Springboard communities will host parent-led LitClubs for 11 and 12 year-old girls as a part of LitWorld’s “10,000 Global Girls Initiative, which supports high-risk, high-potential girls” in improving their senses of self and future outlooks while developing capacity for community engagement and achieving academically. Springboard anticipates nothing but success for our residents with the implementation of this program and looks forward to growth that is certain to occur for both the girls and moms in the communities.

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