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Springboard’s approach to empowering vulnerable families to be engaged in the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of community program is innovatively different than what is currently being applied in the field. In board strokes, service providers working in the setting of affordable housing typically serve as brokers between residents and the programs or organizations that can serve them; “linkages” between residents and the larger community, mainly providing support during moments of crisis or organizing activities. Springboard is much more than a linkage. The organization provides direct strategic dual-generation programming.

Springboard To Opportunities has three strategies: Springboard To Learning, Springboard To Success, and Springboard To Community. Although the strategies are the same across all Springboard communities the programs are customized to each community and informed by resident identified needs, strengths and opportunities.

Springboard To Learning

Springboard To Learning is about education for children and their parents. We not only stress the importance of a good education, but the value of life skills. When kids don’t have a safe place to go after school, we make one. When youth are struggling through insecurities, we help them find community and confidence. When …

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Springboard to Success

Springboard To Success empowers residents to take steps to achieve their short and long term goals. If residents feel overwhelmed with all they need to do, we help them plan. When there are setbacks, we help residents get back up again. When there are successes, no matter how big or small, we celebrate together! Every …

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Springboard To Community

For most of us, a flat tire is a bad day. What if a flat tire made you lose your job? How would that affect paying for food or rent? These kinds of financial emergencies make an already difficult life even more burdensome. That’s why Springboard To Community creates a safety net for residents of …

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