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A Springboard Family Success Story

​LaKeisha Jones: Mother of four, Nurturing Families program graduate, and Dawson Elementary’s 2013-2014 Parent of the Year

LaKeisha, affectionately known as Keisha by family and friends, and her family have shown immense growth since they began participating in programs provided by Springboard to Opportunities. We have seen brighter smiles and behavioral shifts in the group as a whole. LaKeisha (age 29) and her four children, Amayah (age 6), Aren (age 8), Asiah (age 10), and Arenah (age 10) are now a model family at Lincoln Garden Apartments. Last school year, Keshia enrolled her children in Dawson Elementary School’s Afterschool Academy sponsored by Springboard and has re-enrolled them this year; she also registered them for the on-site summer mini-camps with Springboard. Additionally, she is a recent graduate of the 16-week Nurturing Families program provided in conjunction with our partner Mississippi State University and is participating in our Cash for Caps program, which will provide the support she needs to attend college.

We recently interviewed the family to get their take on the programs offered by Springboard To Opportunities. This is what they had to say.

What are your thoughts about the parenting class in which you participated?Keshia:It’s awesome! It works! I’m a better parent.

How have the programs provided by Springboard helped your family as a whole?Keshia:The programs have made us closer. It makes me feel like hope is within my reach.

What do you [children] like best about the afterschool program?Asiah:I like that we have soccer sometimes on Friday.

Aren:[I like] when the lady reads to us.

Arenah:I liked going to the computer lab and graduating Academy of Reading and Academy of Math.

What was your favorite thing to do this summer in the mini-camps?Aren:I liked the cooking and eating the cheese things. [Baked Mozzarella Bites].

Arenah:I liked the soccer program.

Asiah:I liked the Kitchen Works and making the bagel pizzas.

We enjoy watching the transformation of this family and look forward to seeing them develop as a unit through the support of Springboard To Opportunities.

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